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NH Climate Controlled Units

New Hampshire Temp Controlled Storage - Manchester, NH

Climate controlled self storage is something that we provide at Absolute Self Storage. Seventy Five percent of our storage units are climate controlled units. Only 1/4 of our units are not temperature controlled.

You have the freedom of choosing the type of storage unit that will suit your needs. Some things must be in climate controlled storage to maintain the quality & functionality. However, when storing items that aren't climate sensitive there is no need to incur the extra cost of heating & cooling.

After reviewing our pricing and comparing them to other storage units in New Hampshire, you may wonder why we can offer our storage at such great rates. Our facility used to be used for cold apple storage years ago. When we acquired the building we were already equipped with the ability of climate control. We saved money by not having to convert to a temperature controlled facility. We pass the savings on to you, our valued customer.

Climate controlled storage units are important to protecting the condition of many items often put in storage. Great climate swings can warp leather, ruin furniture, and a variety of other things. Here are some items you may want to consider choosing a climate controlled unit to store: furniture, electronics, photographs, artwork, antiques, musical instruments, and fabrics. These are the types of storage items that require and deserve a temperature controlled environment in order to maintain their integrity.

If you are a business looking to store files, liquids, or fabrics you may want to store your items in climate controlled units. Even files and papers will wrinkle and turn yellow after a long time of facing climate and humidity swings. Liquids, creams, cosmetics, and anything with moisture is generally better off placed in temperature controlled storage.


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